There are various methods to cover trenches during roadworks, which available on the market. Steel road plates have been the most common method used in the past.

However, installation of steel road plates requires specialist lifting equipment and is very expensive to transport and store. The alternative solution – Plastic LowPro Road plate system is a simpler approach to solve the same problem.

Due to the modular system, each middle section of the plastic road plate weighs only 42kg and can be lifted into position manually by 2 people. There is no need to hire heavy lifting equipment. Storing the road plates when not in use is also simple, as they can be easily stacked one on top of the other.

The strength of the plastic road plate system cannot be questioned. It has been tested to a vehicle weight of 44 tonnes, with a safety factor of 2:2:1.

The trench stability must be assessed prior to the road plate being installed to ensure that the ground conditions are structurally sound.

See the comparison in video!


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